Electron Microscopes – Ghent

Jeol JEM-1400plus

Jeol JEM-1400plus

Location UGent Proeftuinstraat 86
Ground Floor
Type TEM
Description The Jeol JEM 1400plus makes conventional transmission electron microscopy possible making use of a Jeol 8MPixel integrated (on-axis) CCD camera ‘Ruby’, controlled by the TEM Center software.
Comment When making use of images produced by this microscope for publication, please acknowledge the UGent TEM Expertise Center.

Merlin Zeiss STEM/SEM 3DView Gatan

Merlin FE-SEM with 3DView2 XP Gatan

Location UGent-VIB Research Building FSVM
Room W276
Description 3D Electron Microscopy can be accomplished by Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscopy, where the face of a block is imaged with an SEM, followed by slicing away the surface and creating a new block face for imaging. This slice-and-view technique will result in a stack of 2D images that are reconstructed to obtain 3D volume data.

The Merlin SEM with the Gemini II column allows very fast high resolution imaging. In addition the Merlin is equipped with the Gatan 3View2 XP, a diamond knife ultramicrotome that allows slicing inside the vacuum chamber of the SEM and a high resolution back scattered electron detector. This system allows imaging of volumes up to 400 μm3 at high resolution.


Crossbeam 540 FIB-SEM

Location UGent-VIB Research Building FSVM
Room W276
Description The Cross-beam systems makes use of a SEM for imaging and Focussed Ion Beam (FIB) for milling or as a cutting tool. Consecutive face-block imaging and milling results in 3D image data sets. Because the milling with the FIB can be tuned very precisely, both XY- and Z-resolution are in the nanometer range. This allows very detailed 3D segmentation and volume rendering of imaged objects within a sample.

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