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InCell Analyzer 2000 (GE screening device)

Location KU Leuven, campus Gasthuisberg, Building O&N4
6th floor, Room 06.107
Type GE Healthcare high content screening machine, Nikon inverted
Light Source 100W Xenon bulb
Properties High content screening of slides or multiple well plates, live cell imaging, temperature control, liquid handling, time lapse imaging
Objectives PlanApo 2X CFI/60 (0,10 dry), PlanApo 10X CFI/60 (0,45 dry), PlanFluor ELWD 20X corr. collar 0-2,0 CFI/60 (0,45 dry) & SPlanFluor ELWD 60X corr. collar 0,1-1,3 CFI/60 (0,70 dry)
Filters exitation; 350/50bp (DAPI), 430/24bp (CFP), 490/20 bp (FITC), 500/20 bp (YFP), 543/22bp (Cy3), 555/25 bp (dsRed), 579/34 bp (Texas Red) & 645/30 bp (Cy5) – emission; 455/50 bp (DAPI), 470/24 bp (CFP), 525/36 bp (FITC), 535/30 bp (YFP), 605/52 bp (dsRed), 605/64 bp (Cy3), 624/40 bp (Texas Red) & 705/72 bp (Cy5)
Usage Price 5€/h

Freedom Evoware 150 pipetting robot

Location KU Leuven, campus Gasthuisberg, Building O&N4
7th floor, Room 07.15
Properties 96 head, pipetting of 96 and 384-well plates, 4 needle liquid handling arm, carrousel for providing tip boxes and plates
Type Tecan pipetting robot
Usage Price Free

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