Microscopy 101 Workshop, 3-11 October, 2017 (Ghent)

This short course is designed to give scientists and scientific staff an introduction to the basic principles and concepts of microscopy, to introduce you to the practical aspects of good imaging and to give you an insight into the possibilities for biological imaging we offer through the VIB cores. It is a 2 part course offered over 2 weeks in either afternoon or morning sessions of 4-5 hours each. While not an absolute prerequisite for more advanced training it is strongly recommended to those wishing to use the resources available in the core independently. It is open to all VIB staff once yearly on a first come basis and it is limited to 16 students per session. Please note if you sign up you can choose either morning or afternoon classes and attendance at both part 1 and part 2 is required

3-11 October, 2017

FSVM Research Building – W122
Technologiepark 927, Gent

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